Almelo & H2C Twente

The Twente and Almelo area contains a small-scale hydrogen hub formed by approximately 20 process industry companies connected to a nearby village, Aadorp, which is planned to evolve into a positive energy district via becoming independent from natural gas and fossil-based electricity. 

Planned synergies: (i-ii-iii) Green H2 obtained from electrolysis based on solar energy and (to-be-implemented) wind energy is used in five houses in built environment in Aadorp via (to-be-implemented) H2 pipelines. (iv) Energy storage is implemented to stabilize the feed of the green energy generation mentioned in synergies i-ii to tackle supply uncertainty. (v) H2 is transported to three crematoria in Twente by H2 tube trailers & substitutes natural gas. (vi-vii) O2 from electrolysis will be sent to the wastewater treatment unit located 100 meters away from the electrolyser for water purification & treated water will be sent to electrolyser for H2 production via (to-be-implemented) two pipelines.

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