IS2H4C Project joins the Circular Industry Helix on the Crowdhelix Platform

We are thrilled to announce that our project, IS2H4C, has officially joined the Circular Industry Helix on the Crowdhelix Platform! This partnership marks a significant milestone in our journey and underscores our commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration in the circular industry sector.

As many of you know, Crowdhelix is a key partner in our Work Package 8 (WP8) – Dissemination, Communication, & Exploitation. Through this collaboration, we aim to enhance the impact of our project by leveraging the strengths and resources of the existing Circular Industry Helix. This helix already hosts the ReSoURCE project and is now ready to welcome IS2H4C partners into this dynamic virtual community of experts.

About the Circular Industry Helix

The Circular Industry Helix is designed to promote the collaboration of various actors across the value chain, addressing the most pressing topics and technologies in the field. By adapting to different scientific and innovative domains, the helix boosts ecosystems within the open innovation landscape. Key details and goals of the helix include:

  • Generating Impactful Outcomes: Aligned with the helix strategy, we aim to facilitate dissemination events and foster collaboration via the platform.
  • Sustaining Interest: We strive to inform, engage, share benefits and results, increase awareness, and enhance societal perception of the project and its topics.
  • Ensuring Sustainability: Our goal is to maintain an active helix for at least two years following the conclusion of the project.

For more details, visit the Circular Industry Helix.

Upcoming Events and Opportunities

To further our mission, a Circular Industry Helix event is scheduled for Month 49 (M49). This event aims to promote the development of interdisciplinary research and innovation (R&I) ideas and identify target calls that align with our consortium’s strengths.

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